Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Going Bananas!!

What's Cookin'?

I've had several ideas for my weekly homeschool enrichment D-I-Y class (Do It Yourself) that I teach tomorrow but nothing was really jumping out at me... well, actually one was but it may be too fiddly for them to tie so many knots to make a rug.

As I was winding down and looking through the links on a real food blog roll I saw a banana dessert and an idea did indeedy jump out at me.  Tomorrow we'll talk about all of the different ways to eat bananas and make a few of them.

How many ways can you think of to eat bananas?

~ fresh (or like a monkey as my dc used to say when they were little)

~ sliced and sautéed in butter with cinnamon sprinkled over it

~ baked in the oven until soft (again with cinnamon on it)

~ rolled up in a crepe with... cinnamon(!)... and maybe even homemade whipped cream.

~ wrapped in a tortilla with peanut butter

~ in a banana split

~ sliced in a bowl with honey drizzled on it

~ banana cream pie

~ banana bread or muffins

~ sweet banana chips (slice thinly and fry in oil like potato chips)

~ Dehydrated banana slices (my kids LOVE these!)

~ frozen~

~ banana pancakes

These are just some of the zillion ways to eat bananas!

Now, let's extend it to plantains!

~ Platanos fritos

~ salty banana chips (again, slice thinly and fry in shortening like potato chips)

My grandmother used to have to harvest the bananas green and keep them in a storage shed or else they would all get stolen off of the trees.  I don't remember that but my mom told me the story.  So, it's not as weird as we think to harvest them green before getting them to the stores.


Class went really well.  We made 2 cooked recipes and 2 fresh recipes.

~ Steamed in a pan on the stove with just a little water and a lid

~ Baked

~ Banana pudding

~ Sliced and wrapped in tortillas with peanut butter and honey

The children really seemed to be enjoying it.  Fortunately our class is right before lunch and the kitchen area bumps up against their lunch room so they can just take their DIY snacks straight to lunch!

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