Friday, April 25, 2014

Classic Movie Birthday Party

What's Partyin'?

I *finally* convinced my 18-yr-old to have a birthday party.... about 6 months after her birthday! :)

We invited 2 families (very small since we were taking over my mom's house!) and watched Singin in the Rain - my daughter's absolutely favorite movie.  Her backup in case there was time was Strike up the Band with Mickey Rooney and Judy Garland.

Here are some pictures of the lay-out for our Movie Theatre Concession Stand.  Each guest got about 10 tickets when they arrived (I can't remember exactly how many).  I stood behind the bar and served/took tickets.  Of course, anyone could have anything more even if they ran out of tickets!

Every item except for the Ranger Cookies (which my mom put out) were dye-free, corn syrup-free, GMO-free... you get the picture :).  It was as healthy as junk food can be for a movie party.  I tried to make the treats like movie theatre treats so we had Glee Gum, UNjunked/UNREAL chocolate coated peanut candies (like peanut M&Ms), popcorn, dye-free candy canes because of the season, and organic dye-free cherry string candy (like Twizzlers - I can't remember what brand I found).  For lunch I served sprouted hot dog buns and nitrate-free, etc hot dogs.  We also had GMO-free/nixtimalized tortilla chips.

My daughter decorated her homemade cake with homemade icing like a director's clapboard.  Her name went in the director's name space

Here are some affiliate links of what we used.  We found them locally (except for Singin in the Rain - I ordered that from Amazon for her birthday): 

Going through these links may generate a few pennies with no extra cost.

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