Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Deal Alert: Primal Pit Paste

What's Green?

[Note:  This sale only lasts until Jan 29, 2014 11:59 PM EST]

[Another Note:  I am in no way affiliated with this company.  I am simply sharing this info about a product that I have tried have enjoyed.]

Primal Pit Paste uses only safe ingredients in its deodorants and other products.  I got their Body Whip when they had a sale around Christmas and I absolutely love it!  I actually like it better than my plain virgin coconut oil that I've been using for years for my face cream.  The children have used it on their dry winter skin and really like it.  I got the sample tiny jar of deodorant and it didn't work as well as my homemade version so I'll hold off on getting that until the "strong" is in a stick (since I already have my own for home, I only need a stick for travel).


In their newsletter that I just got yesterday they announced the following:

Buy 2 Pucker Paste and get 1 free
Buy 1 Body Whip and get 2nd one 50% off
Buy 1 Primal Pit Paste STICK and get 2nd one 50% off

The sales didn't show up on the homepage but it took it off when I put some in my cart to verify it before posting.  Double check your totals before confirming your order just to make sure.


[One last note:  I am, however, an Amazon affiliate so if you miss the sale you can find it at these links below as well - or at this page - and I'll get a few cents.]

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