Friday, January 24, 2014

Back online!

Wow... It's been quite some time since I've even been able to check my own blog!  I've been out of touch since November 8th (to be exact!).  That's the day our house closed and we moved in with my mom.  My husband got a router and hooked it up this weekend so now I'm back in the saddle :).  Right now I'm letting my olders sleep in to hopefully keep them well for the SAT this Saturday.  Since we've moved out of our house they are constantly fighting off something or
catching something (sigh!!).

Here are some goodies:

100% Pure has free shipping on all orders right now.  I recently got some nail polish and some creamstick (lipstick) from them when they had a great sale.  I haven't tried the nail polish yet, but the creamsticks are good:

Chronological History Reading List.  This is so, so awesome:

I can't wait to have a minute to delve into this.  This blog has Western Civilization/World History/World Literature/British Literature/British History/Classics/I've run out of tag words but it has a lot.  I wish I had seen it before doing Dante - I skimmed that section and there are some online resources [Of course that was the middle of our move so I'm thrilled to have gotten through it at all!]

Sourdough Bierocks and Empanadas [I will try without the sourdough starter since I'm not at home and it should work great with fresh milk]

Homemade hand sanitizer:
[I'd like to know more about whether the dosage of 30-40 drops for the amt of ingredients is strong enough to work...]
Here's another:

I cannot wait to try this chocolate cheesecake recipe - mmmm!

I know I just posted this link but when I re-opened up my blog page this jumped out at me and it was the same day I got online to search for how to get a bunch of coconut oil out of my daughter's clothes.  Ha, didn't remember that I had linked it myself!  I went to the link and have the jeans running in the wash right now.  First I just dusted it with baking soda.  The jeans had already sat for several days and I didn't have access to my mom's laundry machines at the time.  So, I dusted them and they had to sit for 2 more days.  Today I finally have access so they are in the washer after having been rubbed with dish soap.

Caramel Coloring may have cancer causing 4-methylimidazole, or 4-MEI.  Consumer Reports found it in sodas.  I wonder if they will check other foods with caramel coloring.

I'm considering selling Young Living Essential Oils.  Anyone sell it and have feedback for better or worse regarding selling them?  Please answer me offline (or if it's just a positive you could comment below).  Actually, since all comments are moderated you could post a comment either way and it will just go private.  Thanks!

Also, a big thank you to any that have gone through my Amazon affiliate links while I've been in no-man's land.  I earn a few cents through those purchases and really appreciate it.

It's so good to be back!


  1. Hey Stranger! Glad to see you back! Let me know when you want to join the linkup! We are excited to have you back! Missed you!

  2. Hi Beth,
    I am a YL distributor, only I haven't set it up as business yet & just let my close friends buy at my cost. Overall I really believe in EOs. We haven't been to the docs except for kids' physicals each year since I started with them 3yrs ago. Cost wise, they are on the expensive side & I am trying out Ananda Apothecary for some real expensive ones (if the origin of the oils is acceptable). No feedback yet, except good customer service. I am on the YL's Essential Rewards program which has less shipping & I get points to be used for other oils. Sorry so long. Thanks, Sarah Chaudhry (

  3. Thank you, you're so sweet! I've tried to keep up with your blog as best I could. Looking forward to the linkup but not sure what I could post??

  4. Sarah, Thanks for your feedback about YL. I ended up becoming a distributor and absolutely LOVE the diffuser. I use it almost every night in the kids' room.

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