Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Polymers [Chemistry]

What's Schoolin'?

Our next Chemistry chapter is about polymers.  We are using the first edition of Real Science 4 Kids' Chemistry (level 2) , which goes up through 9th grade.  You can find my complete document with internet links sorted and grouped by correlating chapters at this post here:

Here are a few polymer resources from around the web.  They could be used as stand-alone resources for interest, as part of a polymer unit, or as a piece of a more in-depth Chemistry study.

Good interactive tutorial:

Playing with Polymers lesson, which includes making slime.  It also has a 'scavenger hunt' using 2 provided links and several other resources. 
[If the above link didn't work, try going to the main page http://www.sciencespot.net
and entering polymers in the search bar.  Then select The Science Spot: Science Classroom with the url of: sciencespot.net/Pages/classchem.html ]

This is not really about polymers but it's still a cool interactive site:

Other Chemistry-related items

You can see my Bohr Model work here:

...and my cards that we use with it and for 3-part cards here:

Our main Chemistry resources:

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