Saturday, May 25, 2013

Letting Go (again!)... of Maths and Geographies

Don't ask me why I took pictures of materials I was letting go that youngest dd has outgrown.  I'm not actually emotionally attached to the the actual materials.  However, I am attached to memories of my dc using them and am attached to their childhoods that are ending much too quickly.  Letting the materials go is acknowledging that dd (and all 3 dc) has moved on to a different stage in her childhood and I feel the years slipping by all too quickly.

[Insert huge sigh ~ content but bittersweet]

There is a reason that I am sharing these with you... Hopefully something in the photos will inspire you in your material making, or storage, or teaching. 

Since my computer is still dead and I can't type between the photos, here is a general rundown of what is below.  These are mostly Geography and Math works/materials.
- Land/water 'tubs'
- Land/water puzzles made using fun foam and mat boards
- Land/water cards
- Contructive Triangles made from fun foam
- Road Signs dominoes
- Long Bead Chains with arrows
- 1000 Bead Chain with arrows
- Base Ten Blocks
- A math board game
- Fraction box
- Money flash cards and dominoes
- Cuisenaire Rods
- Addition Snake Game
- Multiples [10 of each bead bar in a tackle box with arrows]
- Test Tube Division [also known as Racks and Tubes for long division]
- Short Bead Chains
- Negative Snake Game
- Some independent Math facts cassettes
- Youngest dd's dog ~ Okay, so we didn't get rid of her :).  She is sniffing around my Montessori storage boxes [I highly recommend this system!  Banker boxes have saved this unorganized mind and  this is a system that I really do follow to easily put things away and easily find things.  It's the first organizational routine that I've used that really fits my brain type.]

You can see how I used tackle boxes and the small sterilite drawers to keep materials accessible yet compact on the shelves.

Humph, well, the photos are in reverse order (sort of) and I can't change the sizes or placements nor type by each picture [I amstill using dh's computer in 'safe mode' and I don't want to mess with anything.].  Maybe I can come back later and adjust but here they are in all of their glory...


  1. Beth, you know you are a little bit attached to those works... at least I was! I think I actually cried when I sold mine! I miss our chats... I need to visit more often! Are you guys out for the summer? We homeschool all year, but just reduce the work load dramatically.... so we are still going.

  2. Hi Trish and thanks so much for your comment!

    We don't "technically" homeschool through the summer but... we homeschool through the summer, lol. We officially start Labor Day and end Memorial Day but we always have either unfinished work, unit studies we want to do, or some light maintenaince work.

    Since our move 2 summers ago we have been behind in Science and Math with the olders so we'll keep going with those subjects, just at a lighter schedule. They are motivated to finish their core sciences so we can do a Vet Assistant program for next year.

    Yes, as soon as my computer issues are resolved I hope to get back to blogging about What's Schoolin'? and hopefully What's Cookin'? and What's Gardenin'? as well! :)

    I'm thinking of seeing how youngest dd (11) would like Kahn Academy for Math practice throughout the summer.