Friday, May 24, 2013

Language Works ~ Miniature Environment [prepositions]

My computer crashed so I started using my husband's but then his crashed too!  It's barely running in safe mode.  That said, I'm not sure how well this will post...

We're zipping through the end right now of the R and D Language 1 presentations.  She seems to have entered another plane of development when I was sleeping!  We've cleared out a TON of materials :(.  Anyway, she doesn't seem to need lots of practice/experience with the parts of speech.  Today we'll be finishing pronouns and moving on to the next section next presentation.

I could go on and on about how amazing, awesome, and spectacular Montessori grammar is!!  The miniature environment pulls the part of speech together to culminate its study and is engaging.  I have been trying to take some pictures lately ~ now I hope I can remember what they are as I load them!

Okay, I can't format the pictures so they are huge and I can't write text for each, so... This was the miniature environment presentation for prepositions.  They show a few layouts done by the child, a few command cards, my condensed storage for the miniature environment (the whole thing fits in a tackle box except for the little cart), and my storage for the symbols.

Hope this is helpful and hopefully I can get back online soon - or at least salvage all of the photos on my dead computer before 4-H Record Books are due, Argh!  My photos :(.  These were still in my camera and I have more I will post for other lessons that are also still on my camera.



  1. I love the way you are storing this work! I am inspired. I think my son would love this work. Time for me to take our materials out of storage and get a tackle box.

  2. Thanks for your comment :). You've motivated me to go ahead and upload the next set of photos!

  3. These are wonderful! I am just starting out with my 3 and 4 year old -- your pictures encouraged me - look fun and packed with learning at the same time!

  4. Shannon, Thank you :). Sorry that I am just now responding!

    We just finished the album today and she ran to her room with the farm in the tackle box (after I gathered the cards out to store and pass on)and has played for hours today with her Lincoln Logs, farm animals, and these 'like new toys' that she can have for free play.