Sunday, November 25, 2012

Amazon Cyber Monday Sales

What's Schoolin'?

When my dc were younger I would put games on the shelves for shelf work.  They loved to play them together.  Here is the page for ThinkFun Games on sale right now.  The math dice are 40% off and the ones I checked were eligible for free shipping.

Click here to see the ThinkFun Games sales.
Here are a few samples:

 There are also some activity and science kits on sale right now!
Click here for the activity and science kit sale page.
Here are some samples:


Some other finds:
 Housekeeping stand (note that there is shipping on this item)(52% off):

Lego Camera (45% off with free shipping):

Disclaimer:  I have not personally tried each of these products.  They are listed for your interest.  Any referral fees generated from affiliate links support our home school.

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