Thursday, August 2, 2012

Montessori Binomial and Trinomial Videos ~ Gottatries

What's Schoolin'?

These videos by Margaret Humfray  are SO amazing.  She trained directly with Maria Montessori.

Binomial Cube:

Trinomial Cube:

There are more here (for youngers):

What's Cookin'?

I love mangoes.  I grew up with mangoes.  The perfect mango is "sazon" - the perfect timing between too green and stringy ripe - still firm with no strings but starting to sweeten.  Mmmmm.  During every pregnancy, however, I HAVE to have green mangoes with salt.  Better yet:  green mangoes with salt and lemon juice.  If mangoes are out of season and too expensive then I have to have jicama with salt and lemon juice.  When I'm pregnant that helps with nausea and keeps me happy :).  The last time I went to E.S. to visit family was during my first pregnancy and I brought some fresh green mango with salt on the plane for the ride back.  After landing, as I got closer and closer to customs, I started eating it faster and faster and finally had to throw out the last little bit before reaching the customs person (sigh).

However, I haven't been pregnant in over 10 years so mainly I get them "sazon" (or a tiny bit on the green side to sprinkle salt on when I need something fruity and salty OR a tiny bit on the ripe side to freeze for smoothies.  Basically, any mango is a good mango!).  All this to say that mangoes are on sale at our local Wal-Mart right now for only $0.35 each!  For roughly only $3 I got 9 mangoes to freeze!  However, we ate most of them and only a few are left ;).  Hopefully they will still be on sale on Wed (payday).

[Update:  Now they are on sale for 25 cents!!!  For $5 I got 20 mangoes.  Some got a little overripe in the car on the way home (yes, it has hit 115F!) but will be fine for smoothies.  We ate some before I could process them and I left a few sazon ones for snacking.  I ended up packaging 8 bags this time, each of which would cost me $3 in the frozen food section.  Considering that only a bit over 1/2 made it to the freezer, that's pretty good savings!]


Here are some recipes from the Grain Mill Wagon blog that I would like to try.  My dream is to have a grain mill, buy the berries, soak, dehydrate, and then use freshly ground flour for breads and baking.

**Vegetable Pakoras.  These look great and use shredded potato, onion, zucchini, sweet potato, and carrots.  It uses 1 C chickpea flour.  I can soak, dehydrate, and grind some to stay with the authenticity of the recipe... or just use flour.

Carrot Oat Coconut Muffins:

Yeast-free almond biscotti:

Sour dough orange rolls:

Oatmeal raisin peanut butter cookies (it uses black bean flour for one of the ingredients but I have almond meal that I can use to substitute):

Whole Wheat Bagels!

Honey nut oat muffins (gluten free)(uses oat flour so I would need to soak, dehydrate, grind some):

Pita (I've made these a few times with other recipes but I'm always open to new ones):

Another pita:

Good-for-you cookies (try 1/2 batch)(I would only use 1/2 of the sugar in the recipe and no white):

Shrimp and cheesy grits (shrimp and grits, who woulda thought??):

Chess Pie/cornmeal pie (I would use 1/2 the amount required in corn syrup and substitute honey for it):

Whole wheat hotdog buns:

Falafel and falafel chips:

Maple oatmeal bread:

Wheat tortillas (I like the recipe I'm using but may want to try a new one):

Whole wheat buttermilk cheddar biscuits:

Chicken gyros on whole wheat pitas:

**Sweet and salty shortcakes

Corn tortillas:

English Muffins:

Another recipe for whole wheat bread and buns:

Corn muffin pancakes:

Whole Wheat Buttermilk Shortcakes:

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