Friday, August 17, 2012

Lego items at Amazon

What's Schoolin'?

Okay, it's not *exactly* for school materials but many, many children love Legos.  Here is the search page for Lego products where you can see the product and price at a glance.  All of the ones I looked at were eligible for free shipping but you would need to check the specific product you like.  Some are on sale - I saw a Green Building Plate (10" x 10") that was 27% off and a Super Heroes Batcave for 16% off.  This Space Moon Buggy is 33% off.

Lego items available at Amazon.

[Disclaimer: I obviously have not tried all of these products! These are posted as possible items of interest.] 

What's Cookin'? 

Fried cheese 'chips':

Mangoes are still on sale for $0.25 each!  Cantaloupe are on sale for $0.75.  Both of these freeze really, really well!  I also noticed that the Sprouts butter with NO genetically modified human growth hormone is only a few more cents per pound than the regular Wal-Mart butter I've been getting since we moved.  I got several pounds a few weeks ago but hope to get more next time.  Certainly not as good as organic nor as delicious as the Amish butter but much more affordable!

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