Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Density Blocks

There was mention of some density blocks from enesco on the Montessori group so out of curiosity I did an amazon search on them.  They have the regular one in which all are the same size but different weights and densities, and they also have this really cool one in which they are all the same weight but are different sizes (since they are different densities).  Too cool not to post!

Density Blocks 1: Constant Volume

Density Blocks 2: Constant Mass

Here are more options:

Density Cubes 10 Pack

Equal Mass Cylinder Set

Density Identification Set

You could get two sets for matching for Montessori Sensorial work. I was thinking about the visual clues and thought that maybe if they were in little cloth drawstring bags it might work. The one in which they are different sizes might just be for demonstration and interest because I can't see how you can match them with just one attribute - but they are so cool :).

Here are some velvet 5 inch drawstring bags, but I would probably check the dollar store first:

What's Cookin'?

We made truffles, brownies, and German spice cookies this week.  None are what you would call nutrient dense, lol, but at least they were all made from scratch with mostly organic ingredients.  After eating all of those sweets we had chili for dinner, which WAS nutrient dense with organic, soaked, home-cooked kidney beans, organic ketchup, homemade chili powder spice mix, and grass-fed ground beef.  We topped each bowl with Amish raw cheddar cheese and also garnished with organic corn chips (not sprouted but hopefully not GMO either).

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