Saturday, August 20, 2011

Montessori Pencil Holders ~ More Gottatries...

What's Schoolin'?

Aren't these pencil holders from Montessori Services beautiful?

If you can't or don't want to pay high prices for pencil holders such as this you have quite a few options.  You could paint recycled food cans; use clear acrylic containers from a hobby store and put stickers, paper, or paint on them; even use those colored plastic cups (I just saw that in image google when I went to get a photo).  You can find nice wooden containers to paint (or not!) at a hobby store as well.

What did we do when youngest dd was little?  We used baby food jars nestled in a short-sided box that she could carry to her work area.  In those jars she kept colored pencils, markers, and even crayons sorted by color.  I didn't find it necessary to color-coordinate the jar, she just sorted them by color and knew where to return each one by the colors already in there.

However, if you want the finished look of a commercial product, here are a few:

What's Cookin'?

Some more Gottatries:

No Bake Pecan Pie (uses 1 C each almonds/raisins for crust; 1 C pecans, 1 C dried figs):

Zuke Chorizo Lasagna (Mmmm)(sliced zukes/yellow squash for lasagna noodles, so it's low carb).  I always hesitate (and thus never buy) chorizo even though it has great ingredients and is readily available in my area because of the whole mass food industry pork issue.  I've been getting my pork once in a blue moon from local farms but no chorizo in sight.  I'd like to say (and have actually said) that the only place I eat pork outside of the house is at Chipotle... but that would be a lie because once in a while I do find myself giving in at a breakfast restaurant - I just love bacon way too much (you know, the other food group!).  Anyway, I will try to look into the chorizo possibilities so here is the recipe:

Easy Pancakes (change to soaked):

Strawberry yogurt popscicles (1 qt yogurt; 2 C fresh or frozen strawberries in blender or food processor; put in molds)

Zucchini Ideas (stir-fried summer squash; zuke spice cake; zuke fritters; zuke pancakes):

Double chocolate chip cookie:

Anther mayo recipe (used a hand mixer):

What's Green?

A kitchen counter cleaner with 2 T washing soda, 3-5 drops dish detergent, hot water to fill the spray bottle and lavender or peppermint oil optional:

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