Sunday, August 28, 2011

Montessori Kindle Books

What's Schoolin'?

I've been considering a Kindle or some other reader for quite a while now for the olders.  Here is a compilation of Kindle Montessori books for download.  In case you don't already know, you can install the Kindle reader on your computer free of charge.  I did that when I downloaded some free test prep books for the olders a while back.

Here is the Kindle:

Dr. Montessori's Own Handbook (free)

Spontaneous Activity in Education (free)

The Montessori Method

Montessori from the Start

Montessori Madness! A Parent to Parent Argument for Montessori Education

Understanding Montessori

Montessori FAQs Unplugged Book One

Montessori's Own Handbook

What's Cookin'?

Weird, I know, but I've been thinking a lot about fish heads lately, lol.  Yes, between all of the chaos of our current living arrangements I've been thinking about being brave and trying to make a similar recipe to what I remember from the beach growing up in the tropics.  You would have to scoop around the fish head to serve your bowl of soup.  Since I was so easily eeewww-ed as a kid (having spent my first 9 years up here in the States and only summers below the tropical latitude)  I would quickly scoop and try not to make faces at the fish head staring up at me.  Unfortunately my "ewww-ness" made me miss out on taking full nutritional advantage of nutrient-dense traditional foods that I simply wasn't used to eating.

What's Green?

I found 2 scorpions in our new house as I was prepping it to move in the other day.  (sigh)  One was in dd's closet and the other live one in their bathroom.  The dead one in their hallway relieved me somewhat.

So... I'll be looking into their natural predators, natural pesticides, spraying and praying.  If I remember right crushed glass is what exterminators use for scorpions.  I have a bucket of food grade garden Diatomaceous Earth somewhere in storage.  I may sprinkle that along the outside of the house for now as I think that is also a scorpion killer.  I sure don't have to worry about rain washing it away because we're in drought here with it only raining once all Summer (and 3 months straight with above 100F temps).

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