Sunday, August 15, 2010

Cloned Meat/Dairy in US market

Cloned Meat/Dairy on the market:
I am officially freaked out.  I had heard about it possibly being forthcoming but I didn't realize that the FDA had approved cloned beef, pork, and dairy for our market 2 years ago!

The video and article are short and worth seeing/reading:

Here's a quote:
"Two years ago, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) ruled that meat and milk from cloned animals were safe to eat. Ever since then, products from the offspring of cloned animals have entered the food chain"

Here is a quote from another article:
"the agency (FDA) went a step further and said that it was “theoretically possible” that the meat from the offspring of cloned cattle was already in the food supply.Theoretical because there is no requirement that beef from cloned animals and their offspring be labeled as such (even though the FDA has received 150,000 letters from consumers requesting labels), nor is there any mechanism for monitoring when, where, or how the offspring of cloned cattle are slaughtered and sold."

My question:  WHERE IS THE LABELING??  My other question in how did they deem that they are safe to eat?  Because there is no proof that it's unsafe (dance of semantics if there haven't been studies)? How would we know as consumers whether or not we are eating cloned food?  I feel like the FDA has reversed its role of protecting consumers and turned against us.  Wanting to do away with GMO/GE labels, allowing cloned animals into our market with no labeling, making consumers fight for the right to know if their milk has growth hormones, hyper control of traditional foods, etc, etc.  Goodness, please let me just eat some normal real food without making it so difficult!  ACK!  Okay, freak out over...

If I'm mistaken and there IS a label (which I couldn't find online), please let me know.

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