Saturday, August 28, 2010

Algebra 3-Part Cards

What's Cookin'?

Falafels:  We made the Falafels and Tzatziki Sauce posted here.  Mmmm.  I thought for sure that we would have leftovers but they disappeared.  I only made 1/2 the recipe - that must be the problem!  [Note to self:  get *2* bunches of parsley and soak the whole pound bag of garbanzo beans (2 Cups)] [Another note to self:  hide and freeze 1/2 before serving if making a full batch!]  My poor little electric mini-chopper was a bit overworked, though.  I didn't have ground coriander (nor cumin) so I put in whole coriander seeds and it worked fine.  Now that I finally have my own copy of Nourishing Traditions (thanks so much, D and S!!) I can write in the margin of this recipe to soak in plain water (without the whey) and to add flour at the end.

The sauce was so good that I had to keep myself from just scarfing it down before serving it.  I like Daisy sour cream because cultured cream is the only ingredient.  It's not organic, raw, nor grass fed but it's what we can get (although I now have a source for that type of cream and can culture it, it is $10/qt and I just can't.  Anyway...).  Dd got a little cucumber from the garden and the mint has thinned out but I managed to find enough leaves for the recipe.  Ever the optimist I served it in a storage container which I could store in the refrigerator by just putting a lid on any leftover sauce.  The container was actually scraped clean by the end of dinner.

This meal fed 5 people for about $3.50.  If you had to buy onion, mint, cucumber and garlic it would be more.

Taquitos:  I finally found some commercial corn tortillas I can eat!  Yeah!  They are organic, sprouted, and only have corn, water, salt, and lime.  I looked at every single bag at the regular grocery store the other day.  There were many weird ingredients that I didn't recognize and much less could pronounce.  My last hope was the health food store.  My homemade corn tortillas are just not that great and they needed to be pliable for this recipe.  It is Food for Life's Sprouted Corn Tortillas.  I also got some Fran's Fryers chicken cutlet (I think that was the cut).  It would have been cheaper if I had actually used leftover meat but I was impatient to try it :).  For 12 taquitos I spent $6.50 (1 package of chicken plus 1 package of tortillas)  Since that won't be enough I doubled it - $13.  If I would have just used leftover meat it would only have been $6 for the 2 packs of tortillas.  Next time I'll wait and use leftover meat!  [toaster oven: 250F for 25 minutes]

For dipping sauce we mixed sour cream with salsa.  I was pretty pleased with the Herdez Salsa Casera (mild)(scroll over the name for a link). Even though it's not organic it has very few ingredients and doesn't just say 'spices' or 'natural flavorings' which often contain msg.  Here are the ingredients:  tomatoes, onions, serrano peppers, iodized salt, and cilantro. We don't eat salsa often and our grocery store quit selling their less expensive brand of organic salsa.  I was happy to find this one.  Plus, it is in a glass jar.  I also had some snack packs of avocado and put one out as well.  In all the dipping sauces cost about $5.  That makes the meal about $18.00 for a family of 5.  Not that great.  On the other hand, we didn't use that much salsa and have some for another meal or chips/dip at lunch.  Plus, I'm freezing enough for a lunch from the batch.  I could cut the cost of this meal a lot just by using leftovers and planning better to combine purchased ingredients with other meals.

Canned Pears:  We're done canning the pears.  Even *with* buying a case of mason pint jars the canned pears still only came out to $0.66/pint.  They have more than the cans at the store, are organic, very light syrup, no BPA-lined cans, AND they're cheaper!  Yeah!  Without adding in the cost for the case of jars they would have been only $0.44/pint.  [I hope to get BPA-free LIDS for next season at Tattler]  Now we have a 1/2 bushel to eat/dehydrate...

What's Schoolin'?

Here are some Properties of Real Numbers 3-part cards I made for the olders' Algebra studies.  Print 2 on cardstock (you don't need 2 of the title card so you can make a to-do list on the back of the extra one!); cut 1 set apart; leave another set with the property name attached (this is the control).  The first time they use it they will probably need to lay out the controls first and match the other cards to it.  The goal is to match the cards and use the control to check their own work.  For personal use only :).


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