Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Music Composers

This was posted at MMakers (thanks, L!). I printed the cards on cardstock for them to match the picture cards with the information cards. They could also sort by country or period. I printed the nice posters 1/4 size to save on ink and wall space (we don't have any!). I only printed posters for the ones they've already studied (3) and hope to build up as we study more.

The olders have also researched, written short biographies, and participated in a Living Museum for composers at their enrichment. I love it when things come together at the right time :).

What's Cookin'?

- After making molasses candy for our Little House in the Big Woods unit I have developed a taste for molasses. Maybe that's why this looks so good and I can't wait until Sunday to give it a go:

- I worked today (Thanks, S!) and was tuckered out so I made an easy dinner. Noodles; leftover skirt steak (or was it flank steak?); frozen veggie mix of broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, and some onion; with and a cream gravy made in the pan (It's a one-skillet meal sort of thing). The seasonings were just real salt, pepper, powdered ginger, and parsley. Very filling and enough for another meal.

- We made yogurt today. Usually I make it at night and leave it overnight in the oven with just the light on. This time I did it in the morning and pulled it out at 4:30. It's always a thrill when it's yoged!

- Do normal people have as many flops in the kitchen as I do??? [random thought!]

- I'm attempting milk kefir. I still haven't quite figured it out yet so I'm mainly trying to just keep them alive for now.

- We've done a couple of jars of water kefir with some dried apple slices. I thought they would grow more with the apple. They have been going up and down but no growth. At least they are kefiring.

- I am going to attempt an eggplant/egg dish I saw in Nourishing Traditions called Eggplant Kiku (p.440). I was waiting for a Friday to try it. Of course, we'll be out around dinner time so we may end up with a fish sandwich somewhere (no, no, don't stop at the drive thru!!). I almost got the saffron several times but it's just not in our budget. I just hope my eggplant is still good that is in the fridge. It looked okay this morning [flash back to my standard question of: Do normal people have as many flops in the kitchen as I do??].

- Last Sunday oldest dd made 4 buttermilk pecan pies and middle dd made 4 loaves of zucchini bread. If we don't eat them they will be entered in contest. They are all in the freezer right now... well, 3 of each are...

- I'm having an Amish Butter problem. The problem is: It's sooo good! I was able to get some Amish Butter through someone and we all love it. I think I enjoy it most of all. I love it and crave it so much that I have no self control and eat it like cheese all day long! Mmmmm. I'm really not sharing like I should. Fortunately, I found some coconut bark in the freezer yesterday so maybe that will help satiate my need for good fat right now. [And please don't worry about my cholesterol - it's fine!]

What's Schoolin'?

- The olders have been busy writing speeches, articles, horse breed presentations, plus their regular work. Soon we'll be incubating some eggs for a friend. When we were at the feed store today middle dd asked if she could have some chicks for her birthday. I WISH we could have some chickens so we could eat good eggs. We'll have to settle for book learning and hatching chicks for now.

- Youngest dd and I are really enjoying Little House on the Prairie. We're slowly making our way through the lapbook/activities for Little House in the Big Woods also. Anyway, we're at a part for which we were going to try maple sugar. I couldn't believe that a little salt-shaker container of maple sugar was $13 at the health food store. Yikes! What does it run up North? Obviously we didn't get it but will have pancakes with maple syrup on Sunday. The details in those books are amazing.

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