Saturday, December 10, 2016

"Advent Gratitude Tree"

This year we won't be able to decorate for Christmas.  There is no room and all of our decorations have been in storage for 3 1/2 years.  When we were staying with my mom, the kids would help her decorate a little, but not this year.  As I browsed Hobby Lobby looking for some little gifts for my students and went through the Christmas aisles, I could feel myself wading into the pity pool ... So, when I saw the miniature trees I grabbed one and decided to make it an Advent Gratitude Tree!  Each day one of us will write something for which we're thankful on a little metal snowflake ornament and hang it on the tree.  On Christmas day we'll put lights on it because Jesus is the light of the world.  I'm grateful all of the Christmas items were 50% off :).

Here is what we have so far...

The idea of gratitude ornaments was subconsciously inspired by this Touched by Lyme post.  Thank you for sharing:

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