Sunday, June 26, 2016

Ordinary People Striving to Live Holy Lives

St. Josemaria Escriva was the founder of Opus Dei.  His main message was that all of us can be holy while living ordinary lives.

When my brother died my junior year in high school our dean of students gave me the book The Way by Josemaria Escriva.  I still have it with the rest of my life in storage.  I vaguely remember that it consoled me but that's all I remember about it.  I hope to reread sometime soon.

June 26th is his feast day so I was watching some videos of him.  I was just going to post a link to a short bio but this other video of him talking and answering questions is just too awesome not to post also.  He is so endearing.  I love hearing his Spanish.

Full children's video:

Some more bio links:

Catholic Cuisine suggests making flan to celebrate.  I'm not up to that (and don't want to use the box) so here are some other options:

Arroz con Pollo (I woke up craving chicken and rice so this sounds perfect for this year! I have it cooking right now.):
There are a ton of Arroz con Pollo recipes at!

If I had some organic condensed milk on hand, this looks like an easier flan recipe:

Of course, we'll probably just end up with Churros Espanoles - youngest d loves them!  Scroll down for the Churros recipe here:

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