Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Apologia Biology Module 16

What's Schoolin'?

Wow, we made it through the entire Apologia Biology textbook with my 9th graders!!  Here are some resources for the last module...

We watched these videos:

Bird Beak Experiment ~ I did a combination of 2 different experiments:

Online interactive activities and quizlet quiz:

For their last module test I simplified the test and they had to learn the common characteristics for each class and the 7 vocabulary words from the study guide (closed book).

Other resources:

We also did a cricket experiment which had absolutely nothing to do with the module but we had some time for extra labs.  We just did the towel part and then tested potato vs apple:

I hope to take a few pictures of some of their lab notebooks to upload.  They filled them a little over half-way and used graph (or quadrille) sewn notebooks (composition notebooks with squares).

It turned out to be a wonderful Biology year.  Hopefully these posts will help others track down resources and save time... and remind me later of the resources I need also!! :)

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