Sunday, January 31, 2016

Apologia Biology Module 7

What's Schoolin'?

I don't really have time to organize this right now so I'll post as-is.  Our enrichment meets 2x/week for 1 hour each time and this will be a 2-week module. 

Day 1: Pre-reading strategies and videos for DNA replication/transcription/translation/protein synthesis/RNAs. [Possibly strawberry DNA video if we have time]
Day 2: Study Guide due.  Go over Study Guide and OYO questions.  Create DNA model with Twizzlers and colored marshmallows.
Day 3: Extract DNA from strawberries (I may have them watch the video of it before class for homework).  I don't think I can stomach doing it from our own saliva in class! Videos for mitosis/meiosis/mutations/virus/gene expression/cancer.
Day 4: Test

Video of experiment 7.1 (Pea DNA extraction)

Thinkwell videos:

Online interactive activities and quizlet quiz:

Videos, etc:

Edible DNA model:

Isolate DNA from strawberries:
[That's a huge URL.  You can try the strawberry DNA extraction poster here: ]

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