Sunday, April 19, 2015

Deal Alerts!

Okay, so in this post of Senior Frenzy I said we were moving... well... it didn't happen as expected.  Only... our stuff DID get moved but we didn't, really... so, it's more chaotic as ever!  Let's just say that I use a lot of Stress Away oil from Young Living these days! :) Prayers appreciated!

To update our Senior Frenzy:  after much prayer, deliberation, visits, prayer, deliberation, visits, prayer... okay, you get the picture!  We finally decided on a college for my second daughter.  Peace at last over this decision and on to the next step!

Primal Pit Paste deal:
Over at Food Renegade you can get a code for 20% off (click here).  I was thrilled when I saw PPP at Natural Grocers recently and bought it for my eldest (it's her preferred deodorant).  Wish they would come out with store coupons now that I've found it in a store!

Bealls Coupon (ends today!)(good for online/in store):

23andMe has buy one get one 20% off on their genetic testing kits.  I'll be using mine to help with MTHFR mutations and support - it's not just for ancestry and paternity! :)

Rand McNally has a limited time only free download of maps for educators:

Oh! If you have an Aldi, I saw grass-fed beef for $6.99/pound!  They have some organics on sale this week as well.  It's not 'organic' beef, but...

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  1. It turned out that the Aldi grass-fed beef WAS organic! Hot-diggedy-dog! :)