Tuesday, June 17, 2014


Paleo Tortillas using yucca and plantain.  I grew up eating yucca and plantain but it's been years.  My dr wants me on a paleo diet for a while so this is going in my tool box!

Crispy Swedish Pancakes [I'm off to make these right now!...] [Update:  I made 1/2 batch for breakfast and it was just enough for 4 of us.  The children loved them and thanked me for making them several times!]:

Check out this salted caramel shake - just in time for summer.  I have some dulce de leche in the fridge.  I think I'll give it a go with that if I can find some good pretzels locally (or else I might just cave and use the big bag from Sam's that my mom got for our graduation party... tempting, but I'll look for healthier ones first!):

Some inspiring crockpot recipes:

Plantain taco shells.  Brilliant. FYI - the plantains in the store are never ever ripe.  Buy them and wait until they are really ugly :).

Mango Salsa.  I don't know that the mangoes would last long enough around here to get the salsa made but I'll try!  I've been seeing them 2 for $1 this week (was that at Sprouts??).  BTW, mangoes freeze great.  I prefer sazon - right in between ripe/stringy and hard/sour.[Need to have ready: red onion, cucumber, red pepper, cilantro, lime juice]

Who knew that you could make your own natural mascara??

I cannot wait, wait, wait to try making one or all of these lotion bars!

Here is a DIY Sunscreen (with non-nano zinc oxide - super important that sunscreens use non-nano ingredients!).  Someone told me last week that they use pure shea butter as sunscreen and it works.  I need to write a post about our recent sunburn experience...

Another version of marshmallows:

Crock Pot Chicken Taco Salad:

Hamburger Salad:

Easier onion rings [update:  We made these yesterday and they were fantastic.  My kids were so excited when they saw what I was making - and oldest helped, I should add. Vidalia onions are in season! I served them for a hearty lunch (since dinner was a everyone-on-your-own day) along with nitrate-free polish sausage, organic BBQ chips, and hotdog buns with 'better' ingredients)]:

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