Monday, March 31, 2014

High School Logic

What's Schoolin'?

This is not about a high schooler's logic, but rather about a Logic course for high schoolers :).  Actually, my high schoolers are very logical, for which I'm very grateful!

My senior is getting .5 credit on her transcript for Logic.  We decided to use the Logic: Fallacies and Paradoxes class from Homeschool Connections, an online course.  We subscribe to the recorded classes so any or all of my children can do any or all of the recorded classes for one monthly fee.  It is very affordable, relatively speaking for online classes, and offers the flexibility of doing what we want when we want. The teacher of this particular course teaches Philosophy at Benedictine College and she enjoyed the 6 hour class very much.

The recommendation for the online course was a 1/2 semester credit (or .25 of a full credit).  To bring it up to .5 she is doing 6 more hours of Logic work on her own using The Fallacy Detective.  She notes her start/stop time.  We chose this instead of the 12 hour course that would have counted for the full .5 that we wanted.

So, there you have it!  A pain-free logic course :).... And no, I'm not affiliated with Homeschool Connections at all - I just wanted to share what is working for us.  I should note that the recorded courses are recordings of the class webinar sessions, not just recordings of lectures, so there may be some pauses and you can hear other students' responses, etc from the original course.

So far we have only used the SAT prep course and this Logic course.  I plan on having my high schoolers go through some of the writing classes, even if they don't do the assignments, to make sure we don't have any gaps.  They are strong writers but my senior may try to CLEP out of College Composition to lighten her load next year.  We are also going to do one of the Spanish classes asap.  Latin is in our near future as well...

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