Saturday, November 12, 2011

Ancient Greece

What's Cookin'?

One of the reasons I avoid Canola Oil:

Green Spaghetti:  I couldn't find an online link to give credit but it's basically 2 C fresh spinach steamed until just wilted blended in a blender with 1 C broth, 1/2 C milk; 1/2 C shredded cheese served over pasta.  It was too much liquid for 1/2 box spaghetti noodles that I used for lunch so I froze the extra liquid for another day.

What's Schoolin'?

Texas History is not enough, 20th Century US History is not enough, we are ALSO doing World History this year (!!) and happen to be on Ancient Greece.  Here are some links:

Free homeschoolshare lapbook:

Cool timeline (not only Greeks)(found it looking for Aesop fables):

Aesop sites: (I just printed out the pages for each fable that has the story on it for booklets instead of all of the pages.  Olders will incorporate it into their huge history lapbook this year and younger will make an Aesop's Fables lapbook with just these)

Drawings for lapbook for Greece (Greek gods and heroes):

Free Iliad lapbook:

Good questions (see appendices) for the Iliad [We are reading this aloud before The Odyssey; I'm using the version written by R. Sutcliff - see link/image below - but the questions in this pdf don't directly match up with her book]

We'll also be reading some of this Iliad translation at Gutenburg Press (free online books):
They have kindle also (I don't have a kindle but could read it on my pc):

Odyssey story online (if using the detailed version and you scroll down under each book it has really good notes for each book)
Here is a printable pdf:

More Odyssey Lesson Plans (I'm just using Appendix B onward)

A Trojan hidden picture page (battle scene).  There are no answers but we'll see how many we can find:

These are some random links I forwarded to my dc so they could go through them (delicious wasn't working well on my computer to bookmark, I think it's google chrome giving me trouble, so it was easier to just put the links in an e-mail to my dc's account - seems odd but that's modern technology!).  Just ignore if some are duplicates.  I tried to put them here as I went along but since all tasks are interrupted (I'm sure you can relate to that!) I quit trying :) :

Design a pot:
Go through these after seeing the Hercules slide show above:

Below are some resources from Amazon (note the free kindle downloads)(since Blogger quit allowing the Amazon tool these may not align or look right):

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