Saturday, October 8, 2011

Free Lapbook ~ Texas History Lapbook

As I was scouring the internet for a pre-made Texas History lapbook (I *really* don't want to start from scratch right now even though I love creating) I thought I would check out HOAC.

The Freebie right now at In the Hands of a Child is a full lapbook for Island of the Blue Dolphins (click on freebie at the link).  It says grades 4-7 but I don't think my 4th grader is ready to really appreciate it yet.  I've saved it for later:

Texas Lapbook:

They DO have a Texas History Lapbook!  I would need to add to it for it to be a complete study for the year and be more comprehensive in the History area but it would make a great spine.  Plus, for 4th, even if I didn't add much it would still be "enough" and she would remember it so much better through lapbooking.  I remember trying to teach it all in 4th in public school - it was sooo much info for them!  For the indigenous peoples I divided the class into groups; they did research and made projects; and then presented to the class. That was one way for everyone to have exposure to all of the tribes and learn and *remember* details about at least one :).  How I wish I had known about lapbooking 20 years ago!

It turns out that the HOAC Tx History lapbook is on sale right now at currclick.  Yeah!  $9.95

Hmmm.... decisions, decisions.  I found free resources in my google search of Texas History Lapbooks but this one is more "History" and I've always been pleased with their products.

Books I need to Buy/Check out:

A Child's History of Texas

Texas (Eyewitness Books)

The Story of Texas

I keep waffling back and forth about getting this one - I would have already gotten it if I had unlimited resources:
Dinah Zike's Big Book of Texas History:

You can see them better at this older post made back when the Amazon widget was working:

Now I'm going to start working on some Montessori-inspired Texas History shelf work... I'm thinking a big map that can be used for dd to place things like dinosaur pictures; different tribes; city labels; rivers, etc.  Basically a TX version of the world felt map.  I just found this great resource link to make some type of dinosaur work (I think fossil hunting will be a must of a field trip!):

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