Monday, April 4, 2011

Binomial Cube

Here are some resources I have gathered for the Binomial Cube.  Below you can see my homemade one which I made using wooden centimeter cubes.  I was also given a homemade painted one (thanks, I!) and chose not to paint mine so we have both kinds.  I've noticed that the dc take both out and do them at the same sitting when they pull out the binomial cubes.

In random order:

Commercially available binomial and trinomial cubes:
Montessori Binomial Cube

Montessori Trinomial Cube

Donna Marie's instructions are invaluable:

Analysis of the Binomial Square:

Square Root Guide Squares:

Start on page 225 (whole album is excellent but that is the binomial cube section):

Easy to follow presentation:

Photos of binomial and trinomial cubes:

Wonderful training video:

My homemade binomial:

What's Cookin'?

Simple, unfancy foods.  I have red kidney beans soaking to start cooking tonight.  I've found that my crockpot takes a day and a half to finish cooking beans so if I start them late tonight they'll be ready for dinner tomorrow.

I just finished putting together some yogurt dough to soak.  I'm not sure yet how I'll use it but it's nice to have handy.  I also put 2 C flour and 1 C kefir to soak for some blueberry muffins.

I took some eggs out of the freezer [yes, you read correctly... you can freeze eggs!] for a breakfast casserole from Heavenly Homemakers tomorrow.  The frozen jar label says 6 eggs so I'll just need to add 2 more for the recipe.

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